Sunday Inspiration

Sunday’s 12 AM- 3 PM

Great Christian Religious Music

Hosted by Dr. Molly Senll

Sunday Morning “Inspiration” features  world famous Choirs and Orchestras. Most ot the music is familiar hymns of the Christian Church. The music spans Catholic, Mormon,  Baptist, Methodist, 7th Day Adventist, Lutheran, Anglican, Methodist, and many in between. Hand picked musical selections featuring the London Symphony Orchestra, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Eden Symphony Orchestra, The King’s Brass, Bob Jones University Choirs, Huddersfield Choral Society, Ralph Carmichael arrangements, Christopher West, and Phil Driscoll Trumpet just to mention a few artists and aggregations. No Commercials for 12 Hours of Inspirational Music. 

Dr. Molly Snell
John Giorgis is a new addition to our Sunday morning line up. John brings you a new feature “A Moment With the Word”. John has selected short bible verses delivered from the pulpit of  Classic America’s Cathedral. The specially selected Bible verse readings are richly produced and never exceed one minute. You will hear these readings every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of every hour Sunday Mornings between 2 AM and 10 AM New York City Time. John lives here on the Treasure Coast of Florida. John has been a Lector since he was 15. He is an active member of the Catholic Church and constantly contributing his voice to numerous church activities as well as many radio stations.  We are proud to add John to our lineup of voices and inspiration.
“Patrick Coffin is like no one I’ve ever met. He’s an extraordinary radio host, a common sense intellectual, a filmmaker, and an a everyday comedian. Patrick is a rare gem and a gift to the Church.” Listen for his short Inspirational vignettes at the top of some hours. 

Great Religious Music from Temple Square

Bob Jones University Students Choir

Kings College Choir Cambridge

The Kings Brass

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Sistine Chapel Choir

South Korean Children’s Choir

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Music and the Spoken Word Sunday’s 8 AM ET

Now part of our Sunday morning Inspiration Program.

On the air for over eighty-seven years and 4,525 weekly broadcasts, Music & the Spoken Word is the longest-running uninterrupted network broadcast in the world. Its audience continues to grow as more people tune to its half hour of uplifting music and inspiring prose.

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Featuring modern and traditional arrangements of spiritual, patriotic, popular, classical and contemporary music coupled with timely, inspiring prose, Music & the Spoken Word becomes an uplifting, rejuvenating destination that listeners and viewers return to every week.

New Religious Music Hours.

New Religious Music Hours, starting 8/21/16. Today we expanded our religious music hour Sundays to begin at 2 AM ET and end at 10 AM. We did this at the request of our UK Listeners.  We very much appreciate hearing from you. This station exists because of your our loyal audience.