How to Listen

There are many ways to listen to Classic America. We have a FREE App from Itunes, listed as Classic America. Click on the  left picture below to listen on your computer. Click on the picture on the right to listen on your IPhone without an APP. We also have a FREE App for Android from the Play Store. Classic America.

We broadcast worldwide using AAC 64

You can also listen on Tunein.

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Listen on your PC or Apple Computer or get our FREE App from Itunes Classic America

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Listen on your IPhone without getting an APP







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Click above on the IPhone to listen on Any Apple or Android Device. Just Bookmark this link.


Be sure to go to ClassicAmerica


Internet Radios







Amazon Echo Dot. Internet Radio. No Computer required. Take it from room to room with the additional portable battery for just $35.00. The Echo Dot will work fine without the additional portable battery but not as easy to move around. This unit is recommended by Classic America. We love it I have 5 of them. One travels with we all the time. I have one by my bed, one in the kitchen, one in the living room plugged into my stereo and one on the patio.

This is the Portable Battery for the Echo Dot $35.00

This is the big daddy of the Echo units. Great sound.